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Xiamen BMS Roll Forming Machinery Testing technology ( Service ) Ltd. located in Xiamen , which is a well-known company that dedicated to the roll forming machinery international testing and certification, Third-party inspection and training services.

Xiamen BMS cooperated with many laboratories in China and established branch offices in main cities in China, in order to meet the certification requirements of customers in different regions. Xiamen BMS mainly provides roll forming machine certification, third party inspection for industry and Technical training service.

Eight advantages:


We are the strong supporter for the quality control before getting your roll forming machine out of China. During production, many things and details can go wrong. Finding the right quality control agency is neccessary. 

BMS Inspection service can not only help you ensure and improve the roll formers quality, but also strengthen your business and sales, and help you build good reputation as we make sure that your customers are 100% satisfied.

Security:  Decrease the risks for the product quality to the lowest.

High Quality: Ensure your production quality and provide the improvement measures at once.

Help: Help you to ensure the pass rate.

Timely:  Ensure the delivery time.

Guarantee: Decrease your business risks.

Optimization: Help you to choose the best supplier.

Prevention: Prevent potential quality issues from happening.

Approval: Ensure that your products are loaded in the containers in a correct way and on right quantity.

Operation procedure:

· Fill in the inspection booking form.
· Send your application testing and inspection requirements to the specified mailbox.
· Order processing center will respond to your e-mail to confirm your order has been received, they will arrange inspectors to contact with supplier in accordance with the time-schedule. And they will reply to your e-mail again to inform that inspection matters scheduled has been arranged properly.

· After the first inspection you'll get the results back and receive a full inspection report before the second day of work.

Quality Control:

1.Full Inspection :

 ( contain travelling to production plants to have an inspection and roll formers shipped to our factory packaging center to check) To ensure the quality, according to our standards or internal standards guests, the appearance of all roll formers, sizes, color, function, safety, packaging, etc. Guests can also ship the roll forming machines to our factory to have a full inspection by BMS company's packaging services.


Full Inspection advantage:

For the strict quality requirements of customers and some special merchandise, using test methods full of seized goods, for example, Japanese customers. Full inspection can reduce the possibility of defective roll forming machines to be packaged. Lowering costs, recognized by customers to get more orders.

2.Pre-shipment inspection:

When 100% of production completed, 80% or more package completed, BMS company inspector will trip to the production plant and have a check in accordance with customer's quality standards or industry standards roll formers inspection range includes packaging methods, shipping mark, labels, color, size, function and security. To ensure that the machine meets your specifications and make a complete inspection records.


Pre-shipment inspection advantages:

To help customers understand the quality and quantity of goods shipped when purchasing a case, to avoid the bulk of defective roll forming machines, machine information, the bulk of errors and the number of roll formers produced false and so on. Do not let your order in any risks. Before paying, please make sure that machine you buy meets your specifications and requirements.

3.During production inspection:

When 50% of the production is completed, the factory's production process, production capacity and finished roll forming machine for detailed examination, will help customers understand the production of medium-term machine quality situation, avoid potentially disastrous problems into the production stage was discovered. Win more quality control initiative.

During production inspection advantages:

To help customers understand the quality of production conditions and the procurement of roll formers produced in the mid to avoid bad batch of abnormal production schedule and production and factory fraud.

4.Initial production inspection:

To help customers understand the procurement of goods pre-production and production quality of the situation, at the start of production, avoiding the problems that  quality standards are not clear, errors of orders quantity, not production orders, the factory fraud.

Initial production inspection advantages:

Early production testing will ensure that customer requirements are fully understand by examining the quality of the machine, the prevention of the production line resources, the presence of any potential defect production of raw materials, production schedule, production management and other hidden problems.

5.Factory-stationed quality control:

Since stationed in the factory when machine starts manufacturing, we will inspect and have a daily test report in the material goods, accessories, operating methods, production schedules and machine quality. We will detect abnormities, hidden abnormalities, analyse abnormities and inform the customer to give treatment countermeasure against abnormal reasons, drop poor low mass to ensure smooth production.

Factory-stationed quality control  Advantages:

BMS inspector have a site supervision on behalf of clients in the entire production cycle to ensure that the production process, the production of raw materials, machine quality and production schedules meet the customer requirements.

6.Container loading inspection:

BMS inspector go to the customer designated facility or port at a specified time to confirm whether the container damage due to corrosion, collision, whether there is the dampness and smell in cabinet, the accuracy of number of loading, safety, packaging accuracy and supervision of the loading and unloading of the cabinet process that requires workers load, unload cabinet in accordance with requirement. And record weather conditions, cabinets, lock number and license plate number.

Container loading inspection advantages:

Container packing inspection is the last step of the production process. Before you sign the final payment, you should ensure that your machine details meets your standards, and pack, seal and be transported safely in accordance with requirement.

By Industry:

Roll-Forming Machines:

Metal Building Industry Forming Machine / Steel Framing System / Solar Industry Forming Machines / Shelving.Racking & Storage Industry Forming Machines / Door Industry Forming Machines / Scaffold Industry Forming Machines / Siding Panel And Liner Forming Machines / HVAC Industry Metal Forming Equipments / Metal Ceiling Industry Forming Machines / Cable Tray Industry Forming Machines / Metal Bending Machines / Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machines / Slitting & Cut-to-Length Machine Line / Face Mask Machines / Sink And Chicken Feeder Roll Forming Machine / Metal Box Roll Forming Machine

Auxiliary Machines:

Double Head Hydraulic Decoiler / Hydraulic Decoiler / Manual Decoiler / Pembongkaran Hidrolik Degan Troli / Hydraulic Recoiler With Coil Car & Clamp Arm

/ Independent Hydraulic Cutter / Crimping Machine / Automatic Coil Flipper Machine / Seaming Machine / Manual Bending Machine / Portable Manual Bending Machine 

Supplier Audit:

Factory quality audit:

BMS Roll Forming Machinery Testing technology ( Service ) Ltd. are an independent, certified and licensed quality control company, working on your side to protect your business interests in the supply chain.

Our qualified auditors independently assess everything from production capacities and quality control systems to staff facilities and working conditions. We go on site and get the information you need to ensure high-quality suppliers. Confirm your factory has the production capacity and quality to meet your production needs.

· Your supplier's factory exists and is operational

· Your supplier uses only quality vendors

· Machinery is suitable to manufacture your product

· Finished product will be stored safely

· Factory management is competent

· Production will start and finish on time

Audit Criteria: 

Production scope: 

Supplier sets and meets realistic lead time estimates incorporating production, packing, etc.

Control of records: 

Ability to produce a document upon request, by way of an efficient organizational system.

Quality policy: 

Existence of an internal quality assurance system supervised by specialized personnel.

Internal communication: 

Regular coordination of personnel from all departments regarding progress as a whole.

Management Review: 

Assessment of management's role in implementing and maintaining the required quality policy.

Human resource management: 

Competence, training, and awareness of human resource issues.

Work environment: 

Maintenance of a safe, sanitary and efficient production facility.


Maintenance of an organized network of reliable raw material and component suppliers.

Control of nonconforming product: 

Isolation and disposal of units that do not conform to the client's specifications.

Ethical audits:

BMS qualified auditors independently assess workplace health and safety, child and forced labor, working hours and wages, discrimination, discipline, management systems, and dormitories if provided by the factory.

Social Accountability Standards:

Child labour: 

Companies may not support the use of child labor. The Social Accountability International (SAI) standard defines child labor as the work of "any person under 15 years of age, unless local minimum age law stipulates a higher age for work."

Forced Labor: 

Companies may not support the use of "forced labor."

Health and Safety: 

Companies must provide a safe and healthy working environment for their employees.

Freedom of Association and Right to collective Bargaining:

Companies must respect the right of all employees to form and join trade unions of their choice and to bargain collectively.


Companies may not engage in or support discrimination in hiring, compensation, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement based on race, caste, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership, or political affiliation.

Disciplinary practices: 

Companies may not engage in or support the use of corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion or verbal abuse.

Working hours: 

Companies must comply with applicable laws and industry standards on working hours.


Companies must ensure that wages paid for a standard working week meet at least legal or industry minimum standards.

Management systems: 

Top management must define the company's policy for social accountability and labor conditions to ensure that it includes a commitment to conform to all requirements of this standard and national and other applicable laws.

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Address: 3F-1, C Block, Haoli building, Yuehua Road, Huli District. Xiamen, Fujian, China

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